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2600 Series Mini Press

An Affordable Digital Printing System with the Characteristics of a Larger Digital Color Printing Platform

The Colordyne 2600 Series Mini Press is a mid-range roll-to-roll printing
platform, capable of printing high resolution full color labels and packaging. Utilizing a single printhead, paired with a self predictive printhead maintenance formula, the user can produce jobs with ease. The 2600 Series is capable of printing at speeds of 60 ft/min and resolutions up to 1600 x 1600 dpi.

On Press Job Library

Easy to operate, the 2600 Series features an on press job
library allowing the operator to quickly navigate, sort and
select which files need to be printed - eliminating the need to repeatedly resend files to the printer.

(Single Memjet® printhead design for all colors CMYK)


Variable Data, Simplified

Seamlessly merge designs and layouts with text, images, barcodes and database information to handle the needs of security packaging, tracking, personalization and micro-segmentation.